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Sexy Life Academy
Master Yourself.

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What is the Sexy Life Academy?
The Sexy Life Academy is an 8-week self-mastery coaching program for entrepreneurial and business-owning moms. We're raising our families while growing our businesses, and that brings a unique set of challenges. The program is for moms who want to master...
  • Engagement in their parenting
  • Effectiveness as leaders and business owners
  • Intimacy with their spouses or partners 
We dive deeper into the things that really matter to us moms: identity, time & energy management, beliefs, mindset, vision, goals, habits, sex & intimacy, connection, and communication. 
Buy back time into your schedule, and freedom into your family life.
How Does the Sexy Life Academy Work?
Fresh Weekly Content
Each week, 3 to 5 new audio lessons are available to stream via your member page. Each lesson includes easy-to-follow activities and journaling.
Weekly Group Sessions
Each participant is invited to join weekly group coaching sessions, to ask questions, discuss personal wins and challenges, and clarify next steps for the upcoming week.  
Sexy Life Group
Your chances of long-term success increase exponentially by having the support of others who are committed to their vision and yours. That's why access to the others in your coaching group will continue indefinitely, via your private Facebook group.
Who Is the Sexy Life Academy For?
Authors, Speakers, & Coaches
C-Suite Leadership
If you're an entrepreneur, corporate executive, author, speaker, or coach, you're an influencer by nature. Others rely on you, and look to you for direction, leadership, and inspiration. With the Sexy Life Academy, you will learn how to better connect with those within your sphere of influence, and discover what untapped resources within yourself you have yet to capitalize on. As you do the incredible inner work throughout this program, you will hit a new stride and come alive like never before, which will be evident in the way you communicate, interact, and respond to others.
How Can the Sexy Life Academy Benefit Me?
Hear from some of the alumni mamas...
I started coaching with Luci in just the nick of time. Little did I know that I would be in a business transaction that throughout most of the summer, would push and challenge me in ways I hadn’t navigated before. It was a very difficult time for me psychologically which resulted in bouts of anxiety that I had never experienced before, ever. Talking with Luci every week and working through the coaching steps and answering questions, gave me the tools to be empowered and find my bad-ass overcoming self (she had been hidden for a very long time). Having that support, accountability and tools to take ownership but also to apply techniques that I’d never implemented before made a world of difference for me. I cannot articulate how grateful I am to have experienced this. Luci is a fantastic version of tough love. She comes from a place of genuinely caring about others and because of that, she challenges the excuses and limitations that hold us back from being our best selves.
-Katie, mom of 2 and Real Estate Agent
About 4 years ago after my 4th baby was born that desire to start, create, and grow was so strong. I found myself diving headfirst into the health and wellness industry, specifically essential oil education - I found myself coming alive. The explosive growth of our business felt like business school on steroids, and in the meantime we started a second complementary business, and then a third. Sexy Life Academy came at such a key time. My years of fast paced building had pushed my work life balance, well, out of balance. I also lacked clarity on what I wanted - not just in theory, but in practice. Working with Luci and visualizing the results was an eye-opening exercise for me. I loved our weekly calls, and the short podcasts that would pour a sense of nourishment into me throughout my week. In an essence, Sexy Life Academy helped me to get my life back again - with clarity and focus on my goals. It was an empowering experience that all boss babes and high vibe ladies need to jump on!
-Dana, mom of 4 and DoTERRA Presidential Diamond
“…the inner self reflection, that us moms really don’t take time to know how we want to feel and what we want to feel and accomplish, and to take time to really visualize that. It solidified my mission, my purpose, and vision for others….I didn’t realize how deeply it meant to me. It’s like a light bulb going off, like an aha moment. I highly recommend Luci and her coaching, she’s a phenomenal lady and one I’m really, really honored to know and to work with.”
-Coach Andi, mom of 9 and Lady Boss Mentor & Coach
-Jessica, mom of 1 and founder of Big Picture Bookkeeping
What's The Investment? Are There Payment Plans?
Due to the transformative, intimate nature of the Sexy Life Academy, a limited number of ladies may participate in each group. I'm happy to discuss all the details with you in a  Discovery Call, where we can explore how the Sexy Life Academy can support you personally. While the selection process is fun and exciting, I do take it seriously, since our group dynamic is part of what makes SLA so unique and effective. 
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